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"If you bring

a puppy home

with you,

a lifelong

friendship begins."

Betsy Brevitz


Of course we try to give the best development to all the little rascals who see the light of day in our home.

We raise our puppies together with the rest of the rascals in our house and garden.

You are thus accustomed from the beginning to all the everyday conditions.

But even more important is: The little fur noses get a lot of love and wholeheartedly.


A healthy character of the puppies is very important to us.

In addition to everyday things, such as vacuuming, etc., the weighing and inspection of eyes, nose, ears and teeth are integral parts of our imprint.

The puppies should get to know many things in a playful way. These include the fun ball bath or the sandpit, because even a variety of substrates are in the imprint of a puppy.

Of course, numerous toys may not be missing, so there is a lot to bite and sniff.

The trip in the car to the vet is probably a matter of course.

Likewise, in due course, a few short trips are made to the forest.

The office visit with an exciting ride in the elevator will probably be the biggest highlight - both for the colleagues, as well as for the little rascals.

We sincerely hope that our little ones will be well prepared for their lives when they move into their new home.




If we meet your requirements for a breeder and you would like to have a puppy of ours, a personal get-together is indispensable.

We not only make high demands on ourselves, but also on the future families of our "children". With us you will not receive a puppy over the price, because we care only about the well-being of the little "fur noses" at heart.

Of course, as your breeder, we will always try to help you with words and deeds.

Our puppies are vaccinated multiple times and dewormed and chipped. You will receive an EU pet passport and a VDH pedigree.

A carefree package so that your new family member also fills up well with you, you get with us too.

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