"A life without a dog is a mistake!"

Carl Zuckermayer

Grümmer's - Continental Bulldog


Hello and welcome!

At this point we would like to tell you a little about us.

We, that are, Meikel Grümmer, Dominique Baumöller and of course our dogs Margeta's Carlotta and Margeta's Erikson and Grümmer's Abigail. Together we live in Eschweiler, near Aachen (Nordrhine Westfalia) and have made it to our mission to run a small, family-run breed of Continental Bulldog, according to VDH guidelines.

The boss

Meikel Grümmer alias Maik


is the "boss" in our house...in case you experience us together, play along.

For Maik, there is nothing more important in his life than the well-being of his family.

Our four-legged friends would say the "daddy" is always there to make our wishes possible.

Only through his ambition and his determination we were able to achieve all of this until today.

The "Papakind" Carlotta loves to loll around on the couch with Maik. And Erikson is always happy when Maik throws all the rules overboard at short notice.

The mommy

Dominique Baumöller alias Domi


is responsible for the entertainment all four-legged friends. Be it the evening game with ball and bite pillow or the weekly visits to the dog school.

But the most important talent of the "mommy" in the eyes of our rascals is their culinary art. She prepares the most delicious food!

Organization is everything and Domi always has everything under control.

Whether veterinary visit or exhibitions, Domi is well prepared.

It is also clear taht the "mommy" knows all about our likes and quirks. This applies to both the two- and four-legged friends, of course.

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