"Dogs all have good qualities of the human without having their mistakes at the same time."

Friedrich II

Grümmer's Abigail

Our "Schnuller Schnute" Abigail is an absolute "Randalebraut". Still so small, but already incredibly taff and self-assured.

Abigail masters all challenges, as if she were already an "old hand".

Her absolute favorite pastime is eating. But even for that Abigail likes to strain and sniffing every little treats.

We are incredibly excited about how our "Schnuller Schnute" will evolve over the next few months.

Hopefully we had a happy hand again this time.


born: 23.12.2018

Father: Pickwick Gayo

Mother: Margeta's Carlotta

Teeth: full tooth

Underbite: 0,8 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Height at the withers: 43 cm

Cystinurie: Genotyp N/N

HD C / ED 0-0

All health documents can of course be viewed on request.


VDH - exhibition successes

28.06.2020 Gelsenkirchen-Resse

                    - Breeding approval test

08.12.2019 Int. Kassel

                    - Youth class: V1

                    - Best young dog

07.12.2019 Nat. Kassel

                    - Youth class: V2

09.11.2019 Nat. Karlsruhe

                    - Youth class: V1

                    - Best young dog

                    - German Youth Champion (VDH)

13.10.2019 Int. Dortmund

                    - Youth class: V1

                    - VDH autumn youth winner

12.10.2019 VDH Bundessieger Dortmund

                    - Youth class: V1

                    - VDH Federal Youth Winner

                    - Best young dog

All judge reports can of course be viewed on request.




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