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"Dogs are

like books,

you just have

to be able

to read in them, then you can

learn a lot."

Oliver Jobes

Continental Bulldog Grümmer's
Margeta's Carlotta

From the first day our "little moth" was  an absolute dream dog and completely uncomplicated.

Since February 2017 she fills our lives with a lot of love and joy. She is a total "Ulknudel" who loves to run through the forest like a maniac and loves any form of water.

Their uniqueness is probably that they not only wag with the tail to greet you but “J-LO” like wobble with the complete butt.

Carlotta has grown into a friendly young lady. We are very proud of her development and cannot imagine a better foundation for our breed.


born: 24.12.2016

Father: Pickwick Illios

Mother: Margeta's Kosima

Teeth: full tooth

Underbite: 1,4 cm

Weight: 26,5 kg

Height at the withers: 45 cm

Cystinurie: Genotyp N/N

HD C2 / ED 0-0

All health documents can of course be viewed on request.

Continental Bulldog Grümmer's


Continental Bulldog Grümmer's
VDH - exhibition successes

18.05.2019 Int. Dortmund

                    - open class: V2

17.05.2019 VDH-European Champion Dortmund

                    - open class: V1

                    - best female

                    - VDH-European Winner

                    - German Champion (VDH)

26.08.2018 German Winner Show Leipzig

                    - intermediate class: V2

25.08.2018 Int. Leipzig

                    - Breeding approval test

                    - intermediate class: V

13.05.2018 VDH-European Champion Dortmund

                    - intermediate class: V1

                    - BOB / CAC

                    - VDH-European Winner

11.05.2018 Int. Dortmund

                    - intermediate class: V1

                    - BOS / CAC

                    - VDH-spring winner

29.04.2018 Int. Pedigree dogs  Lingen

                    - intermediate class: V1

                    - BOS / CAC

09.12.2017 Nat. Pedigree dogs  Kassel

                    - Junior class: V2

                    - Res. CAC

03.12.2017 IRAS Karlsruhe

                    - Junior class: V1

02.12.2017 Nat. Karlsruhe

                    - Junior class: V1

                    - German Youth Champion (VDH)

15.10.2017 Bundessieger Dortmund

                    - Junior class: V1

                    - BOS / CAC

                    - Federal Youth Winner

13.10.2017 Int. Dortmund

                    - Junior class: V1

                    - Autumn Youth Winner Dortmund

All judge reports can of course be viewed on request.


Margeta's Carlotta

Stammbaum Margeta's Carlotta
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