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"Dogs never lie when it comes   to love."

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

The  Continental Bulldog


There are no words to describe a "Conti", you have to experience them yourself!

The little rascals have just what their hearts desire: From completly cocky and totally clumsy to affectionate and very cuddly.

Ideally a "Conti" would like to be part of everything you do 24/7.

When brushing your teeth in the morning, the "Conti" sits yawning next to you. In the evening when you are "couch surfing", they are always in the thick of things and instead of just enjoying it with great pleasure while lying on their backs, they quickly take up most of the space on the sofa.

True to the motte: "Try it with comfort!"

But not too cosy. The Continental Bulldog is a sporty bulldog that is not built to ride for hours, but would love to walk through the undergrowth for a whopping two hours on a forest walk to destroy any branch that gets in the way.


Loving persistence is the magic word in education!

Basically, we believe that every dog, no matter which breed, large or small, should recieve some education to correct any wrongdoing.

Dogs are known to be pack animals that live together peacefully in their pack, because clear hierachies and rules are observed.

So, the clearer your rules are, the easier it is to live together as humans and dogs.

You as the "alpha dog" have to  set rules and enforce them with calm, serenity and consistency.

Here is zhe biggist difficulty for us human to stay emotionally value-free in the enforcment.

Emotions, such as despair, anger and annoyance, dogs do not know. Even the typical human behaviour of being "resentful" does not occur in communication among dogs. There is only: Is the behaviour correct or wrong!

If you want to become the "alpha dog" of a Continental Bulldog, you must be aware that this breed is very robust and rough.

A game under "Conti's" is comparable to a wrestling match at the highest level. From the beginning, make it clear to your "Conti" that you are not a sparring partner for him or her.

As far as education is concerned, you will notice quickly that the "Conti" has a certain "clown factor". They will do whatever it takes to make you smile and soften your rules. Their persistence in this regard is really amazing.




If you have well socialized and consistently educated your "Conti", you will have an absolutely loyal family dog ​​that gives you peace and serenity at home.

His sporty side shows the Continental Bulldog on walks or agility. In agility training, however, he will never have the same potential like a developed border collie for example. However, keeping up can be quite exhausting.

Even in the dog school in subordination exercises, the "Conti" is very compliant but an absolute obedience, such as with a German shepherd, you will not be able to achieve, because the "Conti" has his own head and certain stubbornness.

But "Conti’s" like a mentally engaging challenge and quickly learn commands such as giving paws, high-five or even role over.

The Continental Bulldog is very affectionate and usually loves body contact with humans.

Basically, "Conti's" are very curious and can be persuaded to almost anything, even if they were initially a bit sceptical.

Humans are almost always exuberantly and friendly welcomed.

For the four-legged friends, there is no difference to us humans, one must be able to smell the counterpart. Your "Conti" does not have to play with every dog. You do not want to be hugged by every stranger in the city too, do you?

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