"The only creatures that are developed enough to express pure love are dogs and toddlers!"

Johnny Depp

Grümmer's Bärbel

Our "Mini Mouse" Bärbel is quite a crazy girl. 

Bärbel is just always and everywhere at the main thing you can do nonsense and explore many new things.

Especially Bärbel likes to rave with sister Abigail and in the evening we cuddle with daddy "Matz".

We are incredibly curious how our "Mini Mouse" will continue to develop.

Hopefully we had a lucky hand this time too.


born: 22.02.2020

Father: Margeta's Erikson

Mother: Margeta's Carlotta


VDH - exhibition successes

We very much hope that Bärbel will also be as successful as Mama Carlotta and Papa Erikson.




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