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"A dog reflects

the family.

Who ever saw

a cheerful dog in

a morose family or a sad one in

a happy one?

Grumpy people have grumpy dogs, dangerous people dangerous."

Arthur Canon Doyle

Continental Bulldog Grümmer's
Continental Bulldog - VDH Standard No. 993


Nationally recognized by the VDH breed

FCI Group 2 (breed not FCI approved)

Standard No. 993

Country of origin: Switzerland

Use: companion dog, family dog

Classification FCI:

Group 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer - Mollosser -

Swiss Mountain Dogs

Section 2 Molossoids, Mastiff type without working trial

Historical Summary

The European Convention for Breeding and Housing of Pet Animals, as well as the Swiss Animal Protection Act (Art.10) were the deciding factors for the start of a breeding attempt. The aim of this experiment was to create a medium-sized bulldog that fulfils all the requirements for a healthy dog ​​required by animal welfare and still maintains the esteemed and beloved nature of the English Bulldog.
The crosses between English Bulldog and Old English Bulldog, under the patronage of the Swiss Cynological Society, were very promising, but soon showed that the endeavour was to create a new breed, a breed close to the original type of Bulldog, for a clear distinction from the English Bulldog. The name "Continental Bulldog" was chosen for the new breed. The decisions and measures for the formation of the new breed were made in consultation with the FCI (Representatives of the Standard and Scientific Commissions).
The fact that there is still no reliable, medium-sized family dog ​​of the Molosser type, although very desirable, testify the many enthusiastic lovers of the young breed. The Continental Bulldog is ready to fill this gap.
Source: VDH breed standard



Conti Standard.png
A short-haired, athletic-built, medium-sized, almost square, bulldog-type dog.
Despite its strong physique, the Continental Bulldog is agile and persistent, even when trotting fast or galloping they should breathe noiselessly. Their weight is approximately between 20 - 30 kg depending on the size.
Males and females should have clear gender.

Important proportions:

Height at the withers: chest depth 2: 1

Height at withers: body length 1: 1,2

Height at withers: length from withers to tail 1: 1

These dimensions and proportions are to be understood as guidelines, the decisive factor is always the overall impression of a dog.

The bulldog type must be respected.

Behaviour and character (essence):

Attentive, confident, friendly, neither aggressive nor shy.

Source: VDH breed standard

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