"The dog is

a companion

who reminds us

to enjoy

every moment."

Marla Lennard

Mitch 12.12.2013 bis 01.04.2016

Why do we want to breed?

The answer to this question and thus the motivation for our breeding is unfortunately a very sad...

I, Meikel Grümmer, grew up with dogs in the immediate environment but at my parents' home no "furry friend" was allowed to move in.

However, it was clear to me early days that paws prints will be scattered across the floor in my own home.

The Beginning

My first contact with a "Conti", named Shaggy, was through a friend in 2011.

This particular breed of bulldog cast a spell on me and it was clear for me that the only option would be to have a Continental Bulldog myself.

Little Mitch moved in March 2014 and in June 2015 the "Conti Dame" Malou joined us.


Mitch 12.12.2013 bis 01.04.2016

The flash point

Unfortunately, the joy of the two did not even last a year.

Mitch fell ill suddenly at the end of March 2016...

Epilepsy-like seizures showed themselves as symptoms. It was awful to be unable to help Mitch in this condition.

Immediately we made our way to an animal clinic to get to the bottom of his symptoms.

The terrifying result was a proliferation in the brain...

Mitch was put a sleep on 01.04.2016.

Malou became a "separation child" from my previous partnership but often comes to visit us for a walk through the forest.

The sad experience with Mitch's illness led me to decide to breed Continental Bulldog myself.​

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