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"I have great

respect for the human knowledge

of my dog.

He's faster and more thorough

than me."

Otto von Bismarck

Continental Bulldog Grümmer's

Our bulldogs are family members through and through.

Of course, they live together with us in the house and take part in everyday life.

Watering the garden can end up in a common water battle easily.

Our pack

Continental Bulldog Grümmer's

Meanwhile our pack consists of four "Contis".

Our magnificent lady Margeta's Carlotta and our sportsman Margeta's Erikson,our charmer Grümmer's Abigail and the little mouse Grümmer's Bärbel.

For more information about our "Contis" please click on the picture.

Margeta's Carlotta
Margeta's Erikson
Grümmer's Abigail
Grümmer's Bärbel
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