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"Joy of life

can best learn from the dog."

Nina Sandmann


Our current litter:

We were in beautiful Switzerland to breed Pickwick Gayo.

Grümmer's Bärbel gave birth to eight wonderful puppies on March 2nd, 2023.


Bärbel is a really great mom and everyone is doing very well.

here are the puppies

The bitch

Grümmer's Bärbel is the little whirlwind at home.

Our "Mini Mouse" is absolutely adorable and loves to spend her time with the whole family. 

Bärbel is a typey and sporty, we hope that she will also be a great mom.

Grümmer's Bärbel.jpg

Grüümmer's Bärbel


The male

Pickwick Gayo.jpg

Pickwick Gayo is bred by Imelda Angehrn and lives in beautiful Switzerland. We would like to send a very special thank you to the owners of Gayo who made it possible for us to mate with this great male.

Pickwick Gayo is a typey and social male with very good health values.

Gayo is already the daddy of our A-litter.

Even then, we liked Gayo's calm and loving character.


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