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"Joy of life

can best learn from the dog."

Nina Sandmann


Our current litter planning:

We have paired our Grümmer's Abigail with Margeta's Erikson.

If everything continues to go well, we expect Grümmer's Bullybabys at the beginning of March.

The bitch

Grümmer's Abigail is from our own offspring.

Our "Schnuller Schnute" is absolutely adorable and gets everyone wrapped around her finger with her charm. 

Abigail is a typey and very social bitch and also a wonderful mom.

Grümmer’s Calea.jpeg

Grümmer's Abigail

Stammbaum Calea.png

The male

Margeta's Erikson.jpg

Margeta's Erikson lives with us in a pack. Our "Schmatzi Matzi" is a nice counterpart to our Grümmer's Abigail. 

We hope the two will complement each other well in their strengths and weaknesses.

Margeta's Erikson is a typey, sporty and social male with very good health values.

Margeta's Erikson

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